Ahoy Complexe

Company: Ahoy
Segment: Sports and entertainment complexe
Plan location city: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Aperio™ Partner : Stanley Security Solutions
Numbers of Aperio™ products: 150 doors with the system

Welcoming more than one hundred events each year, the Ahoy complex was looking for a flexible security solution, reactive and centralized. The system in place was not up to the required performance and in particular in the context of recurrent loss of keys. The chosen solution should also adapt the system to existing access control.

Traceability, rights management and security. Ahoy had great expectations for the new locking system. 150 doors Sports Palace and Plaza were equipped with Aperio . Aperio allowed to simply improve site security. Installation costs were limited to minor changes on existing doors and badges circualtion were kept. It is now very easy to know who is the person to be used denrière room. With Aperio wireless technology scalable wire Ahoy is ready for the future.