Wallace Collection


Company: The Wallace Collection
Property type: Gallery
Plant location city: Central London
Access control system: Aperio™ L100 lock and C100 cylinders
Aperio™ Partner: Secure Access Technology Limited


John Power, Head of Security Wallace Collection
„Aperio™ smart technology was chosen to enable wireless links to the existing access control system, without any need to modify the doors.“

The Wallace Collection is a national museum in a Grade II Listed historic town house in the capital with over 25 rooms and galleries. The Conservation Department carries out specialist repair and conservation on prestigious works of art. As part of an overall upgrade to the security of this dedicated area, a high security solution was required, which could use the existing security systems in place, inclusive of card credentials to control access to the different workshops.

Aperio™ smart L100 lock was fitted to the entrance door to the conservation department, as it looks like any other door handle and hence did not conflict with the aesthetics of the Listed Building. Aperio cylinders were fitted to all the workshops within the department and seamlessly integrated into the existing security systems, minimising installation costs and solving key management issues, without compromising on quality.