Aperio™ customers around the world

The solutions of access control Aperio ™ are used every day in numerous countries. We find them in buildings of the government services and companies which intervene in very specific sectors.

Through certain references, we wish to explain you why our customers choice turned to Aperio ™ and how we continue to help them day after day.


Aperio Customer Voice of customers

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Company: Ahoy
Segment: Sports and entertainment complexe
Plant location city: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Access control system: Aperio™
Aperio™ Partner: Stanley Security Solutions
Number of Aperio™ Cylinder: 150 doors with the system

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Company: BMCE Bank Headquarters
Segment: Financial
Property type: Headquarters
Plant location city: Casablanca
Access control system: Aperio™
Aperio™ Partner: CST Sécurité
Number of Aperio™ Cylinder: 50 electronic double knob cylinders with Euro profile

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Company: The Wallace Collection
Property type: Gallery
Plant location city: Central London
Access contol system: Aperio™ L100 lock and C100 cylinders
Aperio™ Partner: Secure Access Technology Limited

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Company: University of Liverpool
Property type: University
Plant location city: Liverpool
Access contol system: Aperio™
Aperio™ Partner: HE Simm, Ocon Construction et ACS Ltd

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