NEW Vachette - Handles Muze & Artis


Amazing lines and unusual finishes.

3 finishes available, including two exclusive to create more emotion:

  • Black Diamond dark and elegant
  • Platinum: rendering finely brushed, modern and refined
  • Chrome velvet touch a surprisingly silky



Instant emotion. it's a fluid line, It's an entry in the moment curve. The new Muze handle is a true inspiration. Trend on a wooden door in your light oak, mahogany on contrasting background, Crossfade on metal surface all frames suit him. Under the light it poses, the emotion is there. She plays its forms and its reflections.

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Sculptural passion. This is a full expression, momentum arises from matter. The new Artis handle is the subject of all the temptations. Combined with the warmth of a wood door, against a background to cooler tones, all surfaces are cut for her

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