Mobile access control with SMARTair® Openow™


Replace keys and smart-cards with secure credentials stored on a user’s smartphone

It’s easier than you think to make your workplace mobile ready with SMARTair Openow mobile access control. All site users need is their smartphone and the Openow™ app to unlock any SMARTair device.

Facility managers send, revoke and update virtual keys over the air from anywhere, using the SMARTair TS1000 software. In addition, they can update the user’s access plan, collect all the door history and trigger email alerts using the user’s app. Your business replaces smart cards, tags, keys and other physical credentials altogether. Everything else works exactly the same.

Users don’t need to collect a credential: It arrives automatically inside the validated app on their smartphone, exactly when the facility manager decides. Users can protect their Openow™ app with a PIN, and even store keys for multiple sites inside a single app. Every user’s app automatically sends event reports back to the SMARTair system.

Openow is compatible with all the SMARTair management systems.