CY110: Experience performance on every level

Durable, high performance locks and cylinders provide confidence that your building is secure, inside and out. Robust, reversible keys save users time and hassle.

CY110 locking is built for durability and high performance. Locking hardware lasts for at least 500,000 lock/unlock cycles and is tested to the EN 1670:2007 corrosion resistance standard. Your CY110 locking system will stand the test of time.

A patented secure design includes 6-pin dimple security with hardened anti-drill pins, an anti-picking pin configuration and high pulling resistance. CY110 locking complies with and exceeds European security standards.

The intelligent dimple key and 6-pin security design suits commercial master-key systems. Locksmiths can configure a CY110 system keyed alike for residential properties or keyed to differ.

CY110 has a solution for almost every locking point, from doors and outbuildings to the garage or letterbox. Learn more about the locking system hardware range: