Where is Code Handle used?

  • Small to medium sized offices
  • Smaller Co-working spaces
  • Board rooms
  • Cleaning rooms
  • IT storage rooms

Who is considered?

  • Permanent workers
  • Mobile and hot-desk workers
  • Cleaning staff
  • Other external staff
  • Visitors

Common Challenges

In every office there’s at least one door marked ‘private’ but how private is it? If there’s a lock, it’s often one that requires a mechanical key held by an office admin. While it does restrict access, it is not the most convenient security solution. As a result, often these ‘private’ doors are left unlocked, unmonitored, and ultimately, free for anyone to access.

Code Handle solution

Code Handle is the perfect way to add electronic security to your office without installing an access control system and give your office security an upgrade. 

  • Easy-to-install which means minimal disruption to the working day
  • Automatically locks after the door closes
  • Individual PIN code access to all office spaces, store rooms, boardrooms, waiting areas, IT rooms, toilets and more
  • No need for mechanical keys


Company Type:

Odiham, Hampshire, UK


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