Where is Code Handle used?

  • Smaller hospitals and clinics
  • Doctor/dentist offices
  • Medical centres
  • Social care centres

Who is considered?

  • Employees/Doctors/Nurses
  • Suppliers/Cleaning staff
  • Other external staff

Common Challenges

In any doctor surgery, dental practice or healthcare facility there are plenty of doors that need to be kept secure, whether to protect expensive equipment, confidential information or controlled drugs. Locking with a mechanical key every time can be time consuming and easily forgotten, leaving doors unlocked and equipment, drugs or patient files accessible to anyone.

Code Handle solution

With Code Handle electronic PIN lock, you can say goodbye to cumbersome bunches of mechanical keys and be confident that doors stay secure when they need to. Code Handle keeps your healthcare facility secure. It: 

  • Automatically locks after the door closes
  • Gives everyone individual PIN codes that can be easily managed
  • Quick to install. Simply replaces the regular door cylinder no wires, no complicated installation process.


Company Type:
Private therapy and care

Irun, Spain


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