Code Handle® - Protect your private doors in public spaces with a PIN

PIN functionality is fitted into the handle so it’s discrete and easy to mount by replacing the current handle. Its simplicity contributes to higher security and safety with minimal effort.

Code Handle can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. It is an easy, convenient lock to fit, perfect for most internal doors to keep private rooms separate from public areas, access is simple via a PIN code and various different codes can be generated.

Code Handle is ideal for retrofit installations, it is battery powered so there is no need for any wiring.  It comes in both left and right hand versions and fits most doors.

The modern handle is aesthetically appealing and practical for private areas of public buildings and offers a solution for doctor's practices, lawyer's offices, shared office facilities, public administration buildings, schools and residential buildings.

More product technical specification can be found in the Code Handle data sheet.

Découvrez les avantages de Code Handle, la poignée d’accès par code PIN

Modern design; simple yet secure

Code Handle offers a simple solution for keeping private rooms private, allowing access only to those who require it.  The PIN code setting allows you to keep control of who has access, particularly important when you want to keep items away from the public, such as dangerous materials in hospitals or artefacts in libraries.

Protect private rooms in public areas

Ensure areas remain only for those staff who need it, and with automatic locking, the room stays locked without having to again enter a code when leaving. It requires no alterations to the current door and little maintenance with up to 30,000 cycles per battery life.