ASSA ABLOY Incedo™ Open

Cloud-based access control software, Incedo Open allows facility managers to amend and update access permissions anytime, anywhere, making sure your PULSE electronic locking solution is always secure.

Designed for all devices, Incedo Open is a flexible, easy-to-use web based management software. The software enables facility managers to update credentials, blocklist keys and reprogramme keys and locks from wherever they are - even on the go.

No longer do key, key-user and facility manager need to be in the same place for an update to be made. Instead facility managers can make adjustments via the Incedo Open software and the keys themselves pass the information through the locking system.

This cloud-based SaaS, with its intuitive user interface not only makes day-to-day updates easy for system administrators, it makes it easy to investigate incidents too. Incedo Open logs events and is able to generate audit trails for any lock or key, meaning you always know who accesses what, where and when.

Incedo Open is a time-saving and flexible software that works in harmony with PULSE locking solution to ensure access can be controlled by facility managers on and off site. And the fact that its cloud-based means it's eay to predict costs and ready to expand and grow, meeting any future security requirements.

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