Tailor-made and real-time: Aperio® access control secures a business education campus.

The Camp chose Aperio wireless technology integrated with a TIL Technologies access control system.

The customer


The Camp (www.thecamp.fr)



Aix-en-Provence, France


Access control system/integrator:  

TIL Technologies (www.til-technologies.fr)


Aperio devices installed:  

  • 221 Aperio  Escutcheons,
  • 42 Aperio Cylinders
  • and 10 Aperio Handles


RFID technology:


The challenge

Protecting a diverse site with offices,  event spaces and accommodation blocks


The Camp offers wide-ranging business education and innovation support, including training courses, start-up accelerator programs, creative residencies and corporate events. These address the most pressing issues facing forward-looking businesses, including blockchain, smart cities and sustainable energy. Site administrators sought an equally future-oriented access control system to protect a diverse site with offices, event spaces, kitchens and two accommodation blocks. 


Key requirements for a new system included:

  • Trusted, flexible locking devices for varied secure openings, including interior and exterior doors and 170 accommodation units
  • Keeping The Camp’s self-contained site open around the clock, all week, but also secure for staff and visitors
  • Online access system integration to put securitymanagers in full control of the premises in real time
  • A product ecosystem built with sustainability concerns in mind, including life-cycle Environmental Product Declarations and energy efficiency
  • An aesthetically pleasing, wireless solution which would not compromise The Camp’s interior or exterior design

Many credentials get lost and Aperio enables us to handle this efficiently. Aperio is a real comfort of use, and we handle the easy maintenance for ourselves.

- Benjamin Ciotto, Head of Information Technology at The Camp

The solution

Aperio brings complete control with minimal maintenance

Aperio escutcheons, cylinders and electronic handles are integrated online with the central system and controlled from the same interface. It effortlessly handles daily traffic of around 250 people, with up to 2,000 external visitors when The Camp stages an event. Meeting rooms, server rooms, living spaces and kitchens are secured with Aperio wireless locking devices.Security staff at The Camp ensure only authorized users access offices with expensive video projectors, screens and more. 


The integration enables real-time management of the site, with specific profiles created to segment key individuals who need fine-grained access to specific areas and to enable visitor access in an instant.“ Online mode is very important because [access] rights are very often updated for the constantly shifting campus population,” explains Benjamin Ciotto, Head of Information Technology at The Camp. 

We can also program access to defined time slots, which is essential when we welcome 200 people for an all-day meeting, for example.

- Benjamin Ciotto, Head of Information Technology at The Camp