With Aperio®, a single badge is enough to open your university room, pay for your meal and make a photocopy

Aperio® reduces key losses in a building welcoming more and more students.

The customer


CROUS Montpellier


Montpellier, France

ASSA ABLOY partner:



Aperio devices installed:

1 500 online wireless cylinders


Year of installation:


The challenge

French CROUS are located all over France. The CROUS offers several services to students, including financial assistance, meals at reduced prices and comfortable accommodation for the duration of their studies.With the desire to improve the fluidity of access, premises managers and CROUS managers in Montpellier set out to find an efficient, easy-to-use access system that can easily replace the mechanical key system.


Key requirements included :

  • High security system to reduceunauthorized access, damage orburglaries
  • Compatibility with the control solutionARD access already in place
  • Easy installation without huge works
  • A unique badge to open the rooms,pay the canteen and use the printers∙ Easy cancellation and creation of badges

The solution

The key loss is a recurring concern for building managers. CROUS Montpellier found the solution to this by replacing their mechanical key system with Aperio® wireless cylinders. These wireless RFID readers have facilitated access management. To date, 1,500 Aperio® cylinders have been integrated online into the existing ARD access control system. Now, when a student loses its badge, the administrator can easily deactivate it and replace it with a new one. There is no longer a need for a locksmith to replace all cylinders. The Aperio® solution saves time and money for CROUS Montpellier. Aperio® is fully integrated online into the system.


Managers can therefore deactivate lost badges using the software without having to go to the concerned door. This also applies when a student forgets to return their badge upon departure. Simply delete it from the system base to deny access. Aperio® is an evolving system. It can grow as the doors to be secured increase, investments can be made in several phases. In the case of the CROUS of Montpellier, approximately 500 new Aperio® cylinders are added each year according to the rehabilitation programs.

ASSA ABLOY have extensive experience within the education sector. We are pleased to be piloting the system in our student accommodation and hope to roll out Aperio across all residential estate. 
- Christine Beveridge, head of campus services at University of East Anglia